After years at the helm of El Bulli, undoubtedly one of the most innovative restaurants in modern history, Ferran Adrià decided to shut up shop and embark on a multi-year mission to share his creative process beyond the culinary world – a new methodology for transforming organizations through creativity and innovation.
Adrià initially approached Bestiario to help him define and map his creative process as part of a visual exercise that was to feature in two major exhibitions of the chef’s creative work (Arco Art Fair in Madrid and The Drawing Center in NY). On successfully completing this initial phase, we commenced a year-long investigation that culminated in the production of a massive interactive experience — a journey into the creative universe of the chef and his team, studying his thought process and interpreting the inner workings of elBulli as an innovation model. The exhibition not only showcased Adrià’s huge creative output over the years, it also brought to the fore the seamless relationship between gastronomy, art and technology that make his work truly avant-garde.
Ferran Adrià: Auditing the Creative Process has been shown around the world and become the blueprint for the chef’s ongoing work on creativity and innovation through elBulli Foundation.

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